Uruguay Lectures – Speculative Textiles Forum

On Thursday 23rd June 2022 Patricia Flanagan from the UNSW Art & Design Faculty invited Associate Professor Patrick Spicer and myself to speak at a forum called speculative textiles. This was hosted by our friend/former student and Founder of SynbioTe, Ismat Kabbara. We discussed the future of materials generation, industries such as fashion and synthetic biology, and how our work across Art, Design, Science, and Engineering is important for developing more sustainable manufacturing options going forward.

The session was recorded and I started writing a transcript as it didn’t turn out visually quite as was expected. However, in the interest of getting the blog out in a timely way (after 45 minutes of writing the transcript , I was under a quarter of the way through the forum), I thought I’d share the video, so Here it is. Most importantly  the audio is discernable. I’d be interested to get feedback on this event.



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